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Bujold fan-fic - looking for recommendations

I know there's a lot of snobbery around fan-fic and, to date, I've never read any.  I'm nervous about reading anything that strays from what I could reasonably expect from the author.

I have finished (for the third time because it's so wonderfully funny) A Civil campaign by Louis McMasters Bujold and have read all the books in the series involving the Vorkosigan family.  Is there any good fan-fic out there involving Miles after his marriage?

Failing that, any recommendations for something that has similar humour and warmth.  I started liking the Honour Harrington series but got very tired of endless space battles and monotonous plots.  There simply wasn't enough Nimmitz to keep my attention for more than six books. 

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This may not be specific enough for you, but I do know that Singlecrow writes Vorkosigan saga fic. I've read some of her other stories and they're beautifully done. The Vorkosigan stuff is here. Check the tags for specifics. If you want to move on from there, she may be able to help with recommendations, although she doesn't have any public bookmarks on AO3.

Is there any good fan-fic out there involving Miles after his marriage?

Not that I know of, although I don't know it in-depth. I suspect that much like the books themselves, writers have discovered that it's a bit hard to figure out what to do with Miles once he's got married, except for the book that comes after Cryoburn that will make everyone cry.

I can recommend some other stuff? How do you feel about the concept of Ivan/By? If that's not totally offputting, I like Twenty-Year Man, which has political intrigue in Vorbarr Sultana and Ivan figuring himself out (written pre-Captain Vorpatril's Alliance). Or try A Charity Case, where By investigates the ladies of the Vorhartung Castle gift shop.

Most of the good stuff seems to be set rather earlier in the vorkosiverse.

However avanti90 has posted a very funny LOTR /vorkosiverse distant future AU crossover recently.

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