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I tried to be witty and failed

To go along with my shiny new iphone I tried to get a phone case.  I didn't notice the option of personalisation and when they emailed me I thought - what about something Pratchett.  I chose Hic sunt dracones. I checked the message through the amazon seller inbox I used and I was very precise in my spelling.

I got: (Hic stunt dracones)

Mis-spelt photo

Does this mean I am promising to prevent the growth of dragons?

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It means it's full of stunt dragons, surely.
(Smaug doesn't do his own, you know.)

Stunt dragons with the hiccups.

Deifinitely the stunt dragons, up to you whether you return it for bad speeling or live with the added humour.

Another sign of Global Wyrming.

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