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How do you like your eggs?

This Telegraph article claims that how you prefer your eggs says a lot about your personality.

Apparently poached egg eaters are outgoing, listen to upbeat music and are happier.  They are also likely to have two children and no more than one sibling and is more likely to be a woman than a man. 

Boiled egg consumers are disorganised, 
careless and impulsive.

Fried egg fans have a high sex drive and are most likely to be younger and male and most frequently found among the skilled working classes.

Scrambled egg aficionados are guarded and are more likely than other types to be in managerial or senior-level jobs and also to own their own home.
Omelette eaters are self-disciplined and 
likely to have a tidy home.

Poll #1870127 Eggs and personality types

Does your egg choice agree with this article?

Err I like my eggs lots of ways
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I dunno, what's the world coming to? No Eggs Benedict?

Scrambled eggs are an interesting point: it's very easy to cook them badly, and very easy to have them go horrible by leaving them on a warmer rather than eating them the moment after the moment that they come out of the pan.

So, it's quite possible that at a hotel buffet breakfast, the scrambled eggs are worst of the options. Whereas at home, they may be the best.

Completely with you on the scrambled eggs. Very rarely have I ever had good scrambled eggs at a hotel breakfast. They always seem to be swimming and soggy. Eggs Benedict send you into poached land but with lashings of bacon and Hollandaise sauce (nom).

I vary between fried and boiled eggs depending on mood, and it's definitely the case that boiled eggs occur when I'm not organised, as I can drop them in a pan and wander off for a bit.

I don't really like eggs that much...

I do a weird mix of scrambled egg and omelette and have it in a sandwich. Lord knows what that makes me.

Too lazy to properly stir the eggs?

I don't eat eggs. Quiche occasionally.

Technically I suppose that could be classed as scrambled...

I cannot at this moment think of a way that I do not eat eggs.

Also, almost none of the character-descriptions cited here apply to me. I like poached eggs, but I have no children and three siblings and tend to be introverted, music-free and depressed. And a man. I like boiled eggs, but I am seldom careless or impulsive. I like fried eggs, but I am older and not of the skilled working class. I like scrambled eggs, but am far from management material; I like omelettes, have poor self-discipline and an untidy environment. So.

Damn. I hate when these things do that. I want clarity in character analysis. I wonder if there's an egg for that?

Isn't that just a reverse scrambled egg sandwich?

Nah. If anything, it's a reverse omelette sandwich....

I think this needs to be brought up with the British Egg Foundation... Although they might think you're yolking.

I like scrambled eggs. Why don't I own my own home?

I also make omelettes. Nobody could possibly call my flat tidy by any stretch of the imagination. (If they came in with their eyes shut so as to be able to say this lie without collapsing in hysterics, they'd fall over something before they finished saying it...)

Poached egg person; sometimes outgoing, sometimes happy, not really into upbeat music, three children, two siblings and male!

I don't eat them on their own at all. I can't: it causes me problems. I can eat them cooked into other things, but I've never liked them on their own much anyway. I guess that makes me either incalculable or non-existent.

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