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Domesticity - advice please

Some of you may be aware that I have moved in with Major Clanger when I returned from my adventures in far off Weirdistan and am now having fun going round Borough market and trying out all sorts of supermarkets - you know the ones that don't regularly run out of milk and actually restock popular items... I went from having a fridge that produced meals (courtesy of my housekeeper) which I reheated  to now being the one responsible for shopping and most of the cooking.  I've discovered how the washing machine and dishwasher work and this only leaves the mystery of the ironing board - something I have not actually done for a long time.  

That said - I'd like advice on  two challenges - 

1. What's the best way to store fresh herbs - in the fridge even on kitchen roll it goes black and slimy after a few days and hung up in the kitchen it goes dry and crispy - I don't mind the dry version as it slightly scents the kitchen but I wondered if there was an in between.

2.  I bought some organic Pork mince (I think the name of the pig might actually be on the pack somewhere...) and a marrow and some sweet potatoes - any ideas on what could unite these?

3.  I am astounded by the number of apple pie recipes out there - anyone have a nice simple one - I have some plums and Braeburns that could do with a change of scene from the fruit basket - anyone got any ideas?


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The best way to keep fresh herbs is to grow them in pots. Don't keep them in the little pots you get from the supermarket, as these are too small, but re-pot into medium sized ones. O/wise I've never found a good way of keeping herbs fresh.

Pork: mix with onion, garlic, sage, and the interior of the marrow and stuff the latter. Bake it in the over alongside roast sweet potatoes.

Hope this helps!

What I was going to say. I have several basil plants that need distributing.

Oh, and I'd do a variant of a moussaka with those ingredients.

Freezing can work very well for fresh herbs, especially since the frozen solid version is easy to break up into smaller fragments for use in cooking.

Herbs: fresh is best, growing your own is bestest. Some will freeze, some will dry; some won't do either effectively. Soft-leaved herbs (basil, I'm looking at you) can be whizzed up into a paste, a sort of proto-pesto, and then either frozen in ice-cube trays or stored in a jar in the fridge under a layer of olive oil, to be used a spoonful at a time.

Pork & marrow: what mevennen said. Fry the mince first with the onion/garlic/sage, then mix in the chopped innards-of-marrow, heap it all back into the shells and bake in a medium oven for 45 mins or until scrumptious.

I'd turn the pork and the chopped marrow into a chilli and garlic-heavy spicy tomatoey bolognaisey thing and serve it with sweet potato mash.

We've had some success keeping fresh herbs (coriander and flat leaved parsley, principally) in a glass of water in the fridge. Treat them like cut flowers, and they'll last a little longer.

But yes, grow your own is the best.

Hello! Just stumbled over via thalinoviel's LJ.

1 - I've heard freezing fresh herbs is a good longer-term storage plan.

2 - Uhm... No, sorry. But I'm sure there -should- be something delicious.

3 - Most of the apples in this house end up in a crumble (there's a good outline here, but if the fruit's not incredibly juicy (or if you want it to all join together), you can put a tablespoon or two of water over the filling before putting the crumble on it :)

Edit: Of course, it might've helped if I'd read any replies first :P Sorry, couldn't see them before I posted. I'm going to blame the fact that it's before 8 am, when no sane person should be awake ;)

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