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Disgusted and offended by an unexpected source

Many people on here have seen I Can Has Cheezburger and it's normally a site I like to meander through.

But a few days ago they posted something that really pissed me off.  

It's part of a meme that starts with 'Hey I just met you and this is crazy but...' and they finish it with 'But I'm a Dingo and I ate your baby!' and this is over a picture of a dingo.  If you want here's the link.  Coming so close to the verdict in Australia this is in bloody poor taste.  I have emailed asking them to take it down and the majority of the comments are asking for it to be taken down.

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I just put it in the same black humour box as the shirt I saw a visiting Australian wearing at the time of the original case.

Dingo Baby 2 : The Baby Strikes Back, surrounding a picture of a giant baby with a very worried looking dingo in it's mouth.

I was annoyed that this was posted just the day after the resolution of the case.

Timing could be better I agree.

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