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Cats and allergies - advice please

I became allergic to quite a few things but including cats about sixteen years ago.  It followed a long stay in hospital.  I was and raised in the country and have often been told I can't be allergic but I am.

Various experiments of sniffing visiting various pet owning homes and sniffing various cats belonging to friends have taught me the following;

1. It amuses peoples although the cats' reactions range from disgust to "oh, the can opener is showing me love".
2. Houses without wall to wall carpets mean I'm less likely to have a reaction.
3. Shorter haired cats (Buzz, Ish, Horus, Lester) are better which runs contrary to advice I've found on the net.
4. Boy cats seem easier which again is contrary to advice I've found on the net.
5. I sometimes react to maine coons and sometimes to other long haired cats but recently didn't react to a long haired cat but that was at a wooden floored house.
6. Abyssinians seem to cause no problems.(Ish & Potchka)

So I'd love a Norwegian Forest Cat.  Am I dreaming?

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Out of interest, were you allergic to the trio (all Maine Coons, all girls)?

Yes I was I'm afraid but a not a huge amount.

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