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Bathroom smells of Hazelnut Biscuits

I am domestically challenged.  I washed and tumble dried the bathmat and towels together and now the bathroom smells of hazelnut biscuits.  I imagine the rubber in the mat went a bit funny although it looks fine.  The towels went in for another wash and are now fine  but the mat - well it continues to exude biscuit.

Anyone had any strange domestic mishaps? Would appreciate knowing I am not alone in my incompetence.

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Washed a t-shirt I won in a tombola at Eastercon, and now it is shedding black bits. I have yet to determine if it was made of something other than cotton. If it's bamboo silk that could explain the bits, but I have no idea how to wash it in that case...

Trevor now has several pink shirts that were once white, and I have two new cashmere sweaters, that were Trevor's, before they shrank. We've already broken one cup this morning, although H is to blame for that.

I never feel very competent about housework.

I'm not going to own up to this stuff myself, but a member of the household recently left a plastic sieve resting on top of a metal saucepan just off the hob and burnt bloody great holes in it, and also left at least one tea towel resting inside the cooling oven, with near disastrous consequences.</p>

I did nearly burn down St Hilda's College once by leaving my washing on top of the tumble dryers without realising that they were gas powered and vented out of holes in the top which I had covered up. In my defence they were quite tall tumble dryers and I am quite short, so I couldn't see...

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