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Further to this post about John Lewis, the loan TV turned up 8 days late and sans remote control.  I already had a receipt saying I had handed back the entire faulty TV including a remote.  In chasing this up, I got many different responses and the one I love most was - "It's only a courtesy we're loaning you this TV, do you really need a remote?" "Yes I do, so I can tune it" was my reasoned response.  We then went to Stratford today and I vowed I would have a remote control or someone's testicles.

We went to the tech support section and were directed by one attendant to a second who proceeded to talk across us and then refer us back to the person who referred us to her.  Then she asked us to wait outside.  I had had enough.  We accosted the nearest attendant outside the Tech section and he went to fetch a store manager.  At this point I said to major_clanger that I wanted three things:  1.  A remote, 2, an apology and 3. a gesture of £25.00 in John Lewis vouchers.  major_clanger did not look too convinced about my hopes.  

A small red haired chap was produced and after telling him the story he went through our case and managed to find us a remote control in storage.  We said we'd go away for 20 minutes while they got it out of storage.  At this point we were directed upstairs to the cafe and given a voucher for two drinks and two cakes*.  When in the cafe we really confused everyone by only taking one cake.

Much refreshed we went back down and found a remote control waiting for us along with an envelope with £30 in John Lewis vouchers.  I am unbearably smug right now.

*The go have coffee and cake on us is a great way to get customers to calm down and be more reasonable.


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