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Simple and good cake recommendations

Ever since hano and coughing bear 's Christmas party where mountainkiss' s amazing gluten free Nigella Clementine cake went down so well, I have been cooking.  The Clementine cake is just fab and I have evangelised it and it is becoming popular in the Foreign office.  Since then I have hunted for a good wholemeal banana loaf recipe and had mixed success.

I unearthed a very good chocolate cake (Mary Berry's Very Best Chocolate Cake) and am currently tracking down a chocolate cake made with wholemeal flour and with bananas and whipped cream as a filling.

So in the spirit that got me started - can anyone recommend good simple cakes which create limited washing up?  

I am also interested in complex ones although ever since Raymond Blanc's Maman Blanc, I reserve the right to swear and tweet about complex verbose instructions.  
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um, it's 'hano' not 'nano' :) (/pedant)
We're still delighted that you're getting so much much mileage out of that recipe. And will be trying the chocolate cake as soon as I can persuade V to make cake again. I'll keep an eye out for more recipes

Argh!!! that's the second time I've done that. Sorry!!!!! now corrected.

hehe, we've all done it :)

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