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The most entertaining hair cut I've ever had

After having had thinning hair for about three months as a side effect of my op I ended up with long but very straggly hair.  About four locks were giving my hair the last 8 inches of it's length and it had been coming out worryingly.  Now it had stabilised it was time for a cut.  Now normally I would run fast from somewhere like Tony and Guy's because I believed it was as so sodding hip, its back-side would fall off. I do not like to be lectured at for use of product or no use of product.  I also do not believe that hair really needs a cut every six weeks.  I tend to leave it 8-10 months.

Well push had come to bloody well shove and it was time.  I was also determined not to pay over thirty quid for a simple cut and blow dry.  I was passing T and G in Canary Wharf and decided on spec to see if they had any students needing volunteers to experiment on.

I turned up and ended waiting on a silver spray painted chesterfield.  Well Poor Ike was finishing off some other customers and was very nervous.  When we got round to discussing the cut the poor chap was rather nervous about taking my hair from belt length to shoulder length.  He was dismayed at the amount of hair being chopped off of me.  The boss was supervising and Poor Ike who had never done a graduated fringe and was trembling.  I was quite relaxed as his boss was there.  He measured and checked frequently (almost too frequently).

In the background a very young junior was working on a plastic head which she disturbingly carried around from place to place.  The men mainly seemed camp and there was a little to much underwear cleavage in plain sight for my liking.  The women were a strange mix from the young and restless head carriers to the older and bossy who looked like they'd just had a triple shot of lemon and salt.  It was very interesting watching the different hierarchies and interactions 

So I ended up with a haircut under supervision.  It cost £10.00.  Two hours of entertainment.

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£35 is quite cheap in London. T and G is a franchise and varies from branch to branch but it usually positions itself as mid market rather than top end.

If you think about cost per wear it works out at about 50p per day.

T&G isn't that trendy, although the younger staff in the Bromley one really need to learn that not all fashion suits every shape.

I've never had anyone give me grief about 'product' (they did convince me of the magical properties of Moroccan Oil by using it on me, but I actually bought it elsewhere) or try to convince me to visit more frequently.

What I do get is consistency of cut, regardless of the stylist. You know that there's a standard level of training and that you're unlikely to end up with a disaster, which is why I go.

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