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One pot dinner.

Found this recipe on BBC Good Food and tried it.  It's a one pot recipe so cuts down on the washing up.  It's a case of cutting up four things, throwing a few more all into the same pot and coming back twenty minutes later to thrown the prawns in for a few minutes.  I'd advise using chunks of chorizo rather than trying to get by with sliced chorizo like I did.  And it seems reasonably healthy too.

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Yum! Now to get the kids to eat it...

Tell them they can't have any

If you only have sliced chorizo, I would leave it in whole slices, swish it round with the onions and garlic (don't you just love my mastery of technical cooking terminology?) to release the fat and flavour the onions and then fish it out and add it in again with the prawns . You could chop the slices before putting them back if you wanted to.

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