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Basic Question

Bought a large jar of black olives and used half of them.  Why then, a week after using half, did I go to the jar and find a few mouldy clouds which made me recoil and lob jar into the bin.  The vinegar was more than covering the olives, I did not drain them.

Is it possible I contaminated the liquid?  Or should I have stuck to olives under oil instead?  I do remember thinking the large jar was quite cheap.

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They were under vinegar - but slightly insipid

Yep, fridge.
Oh the other hand, olives, blech...

You misspelt 'nom'. For some reason, on encountering olives, bellinghwoman does too.

Oh well, more for those with taste.

I would certainly have put them in the fridge for much the same reason. But perhaps they were in the fridge.

Was it vinegar, or salt water?

Anna and I use a lot of olives and I find that their storage fluid goes mouldy far too quickly - even when refrigerated.

Sometimes if it is brine I add salt...

It probably isn't you - I generally try to use them all up nowadays rather than keep them... :-(

Salty water I'm thinking... And I didn't lob them into the fridge - lesson point for next time.

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