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Poppadom reclassification

My recently upgraded digestive system has reclassified the humble mini poppadom as an enemy.  Warfare commenced five minutes ago.  After quality time with the bathroom, some peppermint tea and milk the battle was won.  Am off to bed for an hour until my innards make peace with each other.  But I'm taking the Lakeland catalogue with me.  At this point in time I know I'm middle aged.

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The poppadoms or the Lakeland catalogue?

Both I think. Not feeling terribly vigorous or young but looking at muffin tins seems to help

About two hours ago I was googling to see if poppadoms are gluten free :->

(They are, if they're any good, as they're made from lentils)

These were Sharwoods... but sympathised with stomach by giving it chocolate mouse.

Do you think it's the poppadom or the seasoning ? Sorry to hear about your dietary woes.

I think it's the poppadoms. Will try an exclusion test when I am feeling a little better.

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