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A challenge is a challenge...

My darling major_clanger has issued me a challenge on Facebook to make this:  I tend not to run away from challenges but the execution is going to be interesting...  Any advice from anyone out there?  Do I bake them from the basics?  I was thinking of making the the cherry and apple pies and part baking them and then dropping them into victoria sponge cake mix and baking them again?

Can I just add that I think this is a crap idea and that actually baking something this ridiculous is only for fun and not to be repeated often.

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I would try fully baking the pies first, rather than part-baking. Well, if I were actually doing this, I would. Happily, I am not; like you, I think it's a crap idea. (Tho' I'll look forward to reports, all the same...)

There's a demo video here: http://tcs.wisebrother.com/tcstodaysTcs/fullArtShow/15500?cid=7496

You can start small with cupcakes - stuffed cupcakes have smaller things dropped into them partway through - marshmallows, oreo biscuits, blobs of raw cookie dough, peanut butter cups ...

the real challenge would be to EAT it afterwards... Don't often see a picture that makes me want to barf, but this photo definitely does the job!

Good luck!

I think if this every does get made, it will be for a large party and will be served up via a very sharp knife and the thinnest slices we can get away with!

even so - gulp! :(

though there's an unfortunate side to my character thinking it could be well amusing to watch OTHER people attempt it... :)

My mouth is watering. Really. IHNT.

I tend not to run away from challenges
Don't run, sprint!

To the extent that I can imagine doing this at all, I think I would use bought pies.

If you do make it, I want to see it in person! (If this also involves eating some, I'm a willing volunteer...)

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