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REVIEW: The Dove, Broadway Market, East London (dinner)

Due to an excess of social events in East London, for the second time this weekend, I found myself in The Dove.  This time it was for an impromptu dinner.  Even on a very cold evening it was packed.  We found a table in the not too full restaurant side of the establishment and settled in.

Among our party dishes of note were:
I had leek and potato soup - nice overall taste but vegetables pulverised to the texture of chewy wood.  The doorsteps of bloomer bread were nicely massive.  Although they only came with one portion of butter.
Others in our party had;
  • Boar burger with cheese - marvellous gentle taste of boar wonderfully cooked.
  • Trout with spinach and cream cheese - very well cooked, no bones at all despite the fish being served whole.  The spinach was well cooked without being green slimy sludge.  The new potatoes were suitably herbed and cooked.
  • The pork and leek sausages were well cooked but presentationally had one let down.  The batons of carrot inserted into hollowed out courgette rings failed.  It failed because the courgette had been hacked and not evenly cut.  If you're going to try something different - do it well or stay in your slippers and out of the kitchen. 
And as I have said before the coffee was lovely.  It arrived in a large cup, had a wonderful foamy head which did not vanish when a spoon went into the cup.  It also came with both brown and white sugar sachets.  The chocolate sprinkled on top was not drinking chocolate but proper chocolate.

Next time, I'll have the trout.