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How far can I take this?

Decided to try a banana loaf from a different recipe;  Just a few problems...

Pecans?  Nope have some almonds - same thing aren't they?
4 bananas? - err no how about 2 bananas and those elderly figs from 2 weeks ago?
Wholemeal flour? - err I have some wholemeal bread flour - that'll be ok won't it?
Also found some seeds hanging out on the cookery shelf - they're fine aren't they?
Chopped apricots - they'll do.
Those raisins - well they go with apricots don't they?

It is out the oven now and looks and smells good.  Will try it out on colleagues at work tomorrow - what's the worst that could happen?

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There's a huge yawning gulf between pecans and almonds -- pecans are foul and almonds are lovely. So it sounds like nothing can go wrong.

The bread flour may make things a bit heavy, so it may not rise as much, but otherwise I suspect it will be fine. And the extra fruit will help keep it moist.

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