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Eating on week nights

We have recently gone from taking turns in cooking dinners from scratch each weeknight to me batch cooking on the weekend for a few hours and this meaning that we cook about once during the week and we have stuff for lunches.

I'm curious how other people eat in the evenings. 

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Sort of a mix, depending on what we're doing. If I have a week where I'm teaching in the evenings, I try to cook enough on Sunday that we don't have to worry about cooking on Mon/Tue/Weds, but usually we cook from scratch since the schedule allows it. We normally have a roast on Sun which means plenty of meat left over, so it's stir fries and curries. I try to prep in the morning (again, when schedule allows).

I plan meals for the week on Sunday. They usually include at least one or maybe two stewy things that will do for two or more evenings, and I do plan for when I am going to cook these. It gets complicated because we have two diet days a week and various evening activities to fit in. It works for us anyway.

Brian and I discuss and plan for any length of time between just today and the whole week, depending on what's happening. We cook most of what we eat at home though lately daughter is increasing the frequency of takeaways.

Brian cooks, except on Fridays when he comes home from the pub to eat what I have cooked. Sometimes prep is spread across the day, sometimes the meal is rustled up in the last 45 minutes. Sometimes we cook just for that meal, sometimes a lasagne or casserole will come out two or three times. Sometimes leftovers are repurposed into different dishes. All depends.

(This week we have eaten repurposed party leftovers: cheesy pasta (from the pasta salad on Sunday); ham, potato and chickpea stew (from the potato-and-chickpea salad and the remnants of the ham); risotto (from the remaining sausages and chicken). There's also a soup for today's lunch.)

I do the same, a big weekend batch and maybe one big midweek cook, and then I eat the leftovers for lunch and dinner. Plus I try and keep something around for a quick meal if things don't go to plan (cheese on toast, or something I can defrost).

This is not dissimilar to how I cook in some ways. Every couple of months or so I'll do a mega cook, 2 to 3 big pots of curry, casserole or stews. The lot is put into one serving pots and frozen, usually enough to last me at least a month in home made "ready meals."
These batch cooks are currently lasting longer than a month though. Because I now visit Maman roughly every 2-4 weeks, (to look after her now she is alone) she'll pile weird food on me when I leave - last time it was a massive BRICK of pate, two mealsworth of cooked chicken, 6 boiled eggs and some fresh fruit and veg. Thus I now end up with a week of frantically eating a weird meals in order of how quickly they'll perish if left, as I cannot bear to throw away food. Last night was pate and boiled eggs on toast and same again today. (Groan.)

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