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The improved menu

Further to this, the very helpful input I got has led me to a reduced (and probably saner) menu

Potato, Prune and bacon cake
Vegetable terrine (V)

Cucumber amd mint salad (V)
(Bread, butter, humous, pate and tapenade will be served)

Salmon en croute
Spanakopita (V)
Tomato salad (olive oil and sea salt)(V)
Roasted artichokes (V)
Hasselback potatoes (V)

Charlotte Royale
Clafoutis aux Pruneaux
(Served with cream)

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Yum! How many people are you cooking for ?

We normally try to go for 5-8. It's sometimes people from Chambers and sometimes those from the sci-fi group but I do like the opportunity to spell dinner with a D.

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