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Errr... it was an album... it was black and yellow... yup I sound stupid.

Paging doubtingmichael as la_marquise_de_says he is the man who knows...

Right - this is a stupid post but I have no other avenue. I sort of feel like the person who walks into the book shop and asks for a book that had a blue cover...

It's all Apple Music's fault. About 6 weeks ago I cam across a great track on their rock radio station and even though I marked it as being a favourite - it doesn't mean I can find it again. It sounded a little like the White Stripes but wasn't. It was about something like being all you can in the lyrics.

The album cover was a black and white image of the lead singer who was a white guy with shoulder length dark hair wearing a white shirt and black jacket. The name of the album/artist was in yellow text in the top right corner.

Can anyone help? Feel free to share. Yes I did try google images and even searching the album cover description.

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I would love to help, but at the moment I can't think of anyone. Do you have more details about the singer? Beard, glasses, good-looking? Sharply dressed, scruffy? Or, if you could hum a bit of the song, that might help, but that's harder to do over the internet.

Jack White of The White Stripes has done solo material, and songs with the Raconteurs. Are you sure it wasn't him under another name?

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