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Food: It's been done before but I don't have a name for it.

Have been musing over something new to cook for dinner.  Although I now expect someone to say - yup been cooking that for decades and it's called X. Paging desperance for ideas....

I like Lasagne in the way Garfield does - face down in a bucket of the stuff.  I like fish, tomato and cheese, and with the price of River Cobbler/Alaskan Pollock being quite low, wondered if you could do lasagne using fish instead of pasta/mince and if anyone has?

In a baking dish about the size of a fish fillet start with fish fillet, tom sauce, cheese sauce and then repeat a few times and bake.  You'd probably only need about 30 mins in the oven to bake it through?  Any ideas? Any improvements? 

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I'd layer the fish with thin-sliced potato, and use black pepper with it.

Hmmm - now that sounds nice.

Indeed it does. I was going to ask how you felt about aubergine, and suggest a moussaka-like layering - but I might try it first with potato, actually.

Or not. How do you feel about aubergine?

I'm pretty neutral on Aubergine. As Baba Ganoush it's fine. Layered into a moussaka it's fine but if I were to add the potatoes, I've got my starches right there so perhaps not. Possibly it could go Fish, cheese, potato, spinach, tomato sauce and repeat but top with grated cheese.

BTW ever used Lingham's sauce?; Ginger, Garlic and Chilli - would enliven dead cardboard.

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