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Blackberry versus Iphone

At the weekend coth reminded me that I had not done my Blackberry vs Iphone post.  I had hoped that a few months after having the Crapberry, I would have something erudite to say.

I have a Blackberry Touch.  I can securely read work emails on it and reply to them.  Compared to how much I use it, it has mediocre battery life.  It occasionally burps and forgets what day it is but a few taps and it comes back to life.  I can see a limited view of my diary.

I have an Iphone 5S - It does everything but my employers give us the Crapberry and route our emails to it on the grounds of security.

The good thing about this is that it keeps two parts of my life seperate.

I don't think WhatPC will be beating down my door to give me a job...