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Bought a new PC

Well further to this where I got lots of helpful  advice here's what happened.

I bought this from a company based locally (Stoke) through amazon for the buyer protection.  I paid for a decent graphics card an Asus something it bumped the price by £55.00.  The case is pretty big and it looks like a dalek with purple accents.

I bought an Asus 27" monitor which is pretty and good quality.

Firsty they set the delivery for after 1pm at my request and offered me hourly slots.  I was out n the morning so of course hte courier called at 11 to say he was at the door and it was a timed delivery before 12.  I 'discussed' this with company and it was delivered at 3pm.  When it arived it was dead power wise.  Given they had put the graphic card in and said they'd tested it we guessed they used their own lead.  Borrowed new lead and it now works.  There is a dent in one of the drive bay covers.  I will be getting a new cover and a new lead or my toys will be out of the pram.  Have already named it Little Bastard.

It's currently installing Office 13. I am trying to 'understand' Windows 8.1.

My keyboard and mouse have decals and light up blue - wonder if I could get the same colour under car lighting for the mini?  The keyboard came with the warning:  'Killing the soul behead' and emphasised it has drainage holes in case of accidents.

Whilst I have probably saved about £300-£400 from just buying a top of the range HP envy - we shall see how it behaves over time.  

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"Killing the soul behead" is now my favourite consumer warning label. Ever.

I find the combination of this warning and the drainage holes strangely unsettling .

It sounds as if they expect keyboard carnage rather than merely being worried about excessive use of coffee as a lubricant.

That looks like a pretty good machine.

I am now envious.

About the only thing I'd have done differently is go for a smaller SSD rather than a 3TB spinny disk.

(My machine is now four years old, and while it plays games just fine, if I was going to play anything really up-to-date it would need to be replaced.)

I wish you many years of great joy with the Little Bastard.

Windows 8.1 is manageable to a point, with the desktop being more accessible that 8, but I have heard good things of the Classic Shell third party program which restores much of what was good in Windows 7.

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