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From Friday there is going to be healthier stuff on the table

A healthkick has been declared chez us.  We have not dived into the realm of low fat ready meals and weight watchers products which always seem to include chemicals in the ingredient list rather than, y'know, things recognisable as foods.

Nope.  I succumbed to the River Cottage Light and Easy book because I dream of a small holding where the nearest neightbours are at least 100 metres away and can't hear you sneeze through the wall.  Honestly when my neighbour opens her mug cupboard (springy hinge), I hear it.  But there I digress.  Anyway it's Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's new book which aims for gluten free and dairy free.  That is not to say we will become staunchly either of those because I adore dairy far too much.  You can call me dairy free when you pry the Jersey milk container and Lescure butter wrapper from my cold dead hands.

My Ocado order (yep back with Ocado after a brief flirt with Tesco), is littered with flaxseed, various flours which are not wheat, malt rice syrup, seeds and nuts and other such stuff.  And as I now have Fridays off thanks to working four ten hour days, I will be heading to the markets to buy fish and then coming home to bake: Granola, Oatcakes, Chilli seedy bars and Castagnaccio to keep us going throught the week on the nibbly side.  Having a baking day feels quite traditional.

And the coming week's evening menu looks like this:
Chicken with lentils and rosemary and broadbeans
Trout Chermoulata with rice and cashews
Broadbean fish rizo with rice and kale
Parships, chorizo, kale and lentils
Fish and tomato curry
Vegetable and nut risotto.

There will also be fruit in abundance and nuts to scoff.

We shall see if this works. It is possible that I may end up with a cupboard full of languishing unusual flours/nuts.  That said I have already ordered the appropriate tupperware to neatly store them in (with labels).   And if I do fail I have a feeling that purpletigron could take a good deal of it off my hands.

Does anyone have any gluten free favourites for week day dinners?  Nothing too faffy please.

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I'm a bit slow at the moment - do you think that you've got a problem with gluten or just want to try some new things?

We are just trying new things but I have noticed that some white flour products make me sleepy and I feel a bit bloaty.

Lentil pie: fry onion/other veg until just soft, add red lentils, passatta and water with whichever herbs/seasonings you like, simmer for 25 mins adding water as necessary to keep it thick but not dry. Top with mashed potato (cheesy mash if you're us) and grill until brown. Goes very well with a green vegetable.

It's also easy to make enough of this for two nights, and if you serve it with different veg each night it's not too samey.

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