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This week I am trying to be green

This week I have tried two things to be green.  One hasn't worked and one might.

I agree it's time for me to stop throwing away one costa cup every working day.  It's just a shame that their machines of which there are two between me and my bus, aren't designed to take their own reusable cups.  This one will need more thought.  The manned coffee shops are not on my route to work. The one at work is manned by an individual who is not a person who I want a daily conversation with as it would just bring me down before I even log on.

And secondly we throw away a lot of 2 litre milk cartons - about 3-4 per week.  We have bought a JUG IT which cost £2.00 and started buying milk bags.  However they are slightly more expensive than cartons but we will give it a go for a while.  It will also give us more space in the fridge.

And that's my environmental contribution for the week.

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Ocado - country life do semi skimmed packets. Haven't actually seen it elsewhere. Ideally I'd like to buy fresh orange that way too.

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