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The convenient things in my life

I love gadgets both simple and technical and I'd be interested to hear other people's favourites:

Please don't include smartphones or broadband.

1. A T shirt folder - £3.67
2. Nesting mixing bowls and measuring spoons Joseph Joseph £31.27
3. Goji Wireless headphones £55.00
4. Cusinart coffee maker with a timer option £99.00
5. A three tier tiffin tin Marks and Spencer £18.00

And what are the main things you're thinking of buying:
A double sided revolving whiteboard
A fitbit
A new office chair

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I'm currently looking for vertical intrays to deter kitten invaders.

Ones that tip when jumped into?

Probably going to try a closed cabinet or a magazine rack.

Sue gave me a gadget called a Baby Boa, for getting the lids off things like jam pots. It's wonderful and I will not be parted from it. Otherwise, the washing machine, which is one of the greatest contributions to the advancement of women.

Orthotics. And am loving Jawbone UP24, which syncs with my phone and acts as alarm clock / pedometer.

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