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A cookbook recommendation

I have only ever recommended a few cookbooks; the last being Peyton and Byrne British Baking because all the recipes I tried came out really well, even when I deviated.  I was looking around for a general cook book which was for standard dinner cooking, simple, quick and not extravagant or needing powdered hamster toe nail clippings or dirtying twenty pieces of kit in the process.  I had had a few failures with the Waitrose magazine where it seemed that certain ingredients just seemed to have been missed out.

So what is the repository of simple dinners? It's Good Housekeeping's Family meals for a fiver. It's currently in WH Smith's for £4.99.

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The most thumbed cookbook in our house is the massive Good Housekeeping volume we got as an engagement present more than twenty years ago. We have various others which we have picked up over the years (and these days there's always the internet if I find myself with a few ingredients and am not sure what to do with them) but GH is the default.

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