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I'm curious about your coffee habits

Poll #1964328 Coffee - If you do, who do you buy from?

Do you buy coffee in a coffee shop either to go or to sit in?

I don't drink coffee

I buy from

Supermarket machine

Why do you buy from the place you do?

Brand loyalty
The coffee tastes nice

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I view coffee shops as over-priced rip offs, the chains are avoided although I will occassionally give an independent one a chance. I probably use them one maybe once a year. I prefer my own filter coffee or espresso made at home, extra strong. I expect I am not your target demographic.

I needed to tick all the answers to the last question, but they were radio buttons rather than ticky-boxes, so therefore I ticked none of them.

All my regular coffeeshop hours are spent in the same place, our local independent. I go there because (a) it's on the main street downtown, so location; (b) I love the guys who run it and they're indie, so brand loyalty times two; (c) they make the best coffee in walking-distance, so niceness; and (d) this.

Agreed - need ticky boxes. Sometimes I am not at home or in my office and require a nice sit down and some caffeine.
I avoid Starbucks, whose coffee is actively horrible, and prefer Pret or independents.

I buy some coffee (but more often tea) in a particular branch of Starbucks, because:

a) They do cheese & marmite panini, which is a thing to be encouraged and consumed whenever possible.
b) The staff are nice.
c) They are very tolerant of the Thursday fanfic writing group, and have a nice big table we can colonise.
d) It's at the end of the road where I work.

Costa don't charge me extra for soya milk. And I like their coffee.

All of the above doesn't seem to be an option. Also: brewed from Starbucks, Americano from the others, soy latte from Costa.

I drink coffee but I don't buy it in coffee shops.

Clearly I am a special snowflake!

If I want coffee while I'm out I generally get it at a Waitrose store - their loyalty card includes a free cup of tea or coffee a day, and while it isn't the best it's perfectly drinkable. I occasionally buy at Starbucks and other chains if there isn't a Waitrose around, but that's the exception, not the rule.

Prêt à Manger, if I can't find an independent caff selling filter coffee.

I loathe Americano, and Starbucks are the only other chain serving 'brew' or percolated coffee. They do it very badly; and I dislike their employment practices and their tax evasion.

These options needed to be 'tick all that apply'.

Costa has two very public branches convenient for socialising in Ilford, and I like their coffee, and their snacks. The Virgin Active Health Club also has a very nice, quiet sandwich bar, and I use that to meet people who don't need instructions on how to find it. I also sometimes use M&S when I run into someone in the High Street but that would be their preference, not mine.

In town (London) or out and about I look for Costa or Cafe Nero or just a nice pub. I avoid Starbucks on principle as well as because I don't like them, though sometimes people suggest we meet there.

I drink mocha (without whipped cream on top) for a treat or randomly select from latte, flat white or Americaon according to mood. Another reason for choosing Costa is that they do soya options routinely which is useful for dairy-averse members of the family.

There's a Starbucks in the lobby of our cinema, and my cinema card gets me 10% off. So taking a coffee into the film is price comparable to soda or popcorn.

Otherwise we buy coffees to go at motorway services, which usually means Costa or Starbucks.

My main reason for using coffee shops to sit in is for socialising - it's not a pub, so easier for women; not too noisy; stay as long as you like; comfortable; heating I'm not paying for. We often use Costa or Starbucks because they're well located, but also independents. One of our favourites is Tamper in Sheffield, which is run by New Zealanders.

I generally get my coffee from whoever is available, preferably an independent or Nero, but I I'll go anywhere except for Pret. The last time I ordered a cappuccino in a branch of Pret I was given skim milk with steam and no actual coffee, so I haven't been back.

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