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Self-cleaning cat litter trays

My beloved Husband carries out the cat hazmet duties in our house vis a vis the litter tray.

He is brave - I'm a wimp with a very sensitive nose.

Turns out there are self cleaning litter trays.  I'm not looking for the ones that need a water supply but this one seems a possible -  http://www.thelittermaid.co.uk.

Anyone ever used them?  Do they work?

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Never tried one. In theory it looks like it would work. My experience on automatic cat feeders was that they sounded great in theory, but in reality were so poorly made that they broke very rapidly so became a waste of money.

Madame uses wood pellets, which become sawdust. It is remarkably good at masking smells, far better than the clay varieties I'd previously tried. The downside is the scattering of sawdust around the tray that needs to be swept up every day or so.

No experience with self-cleaning litter trays, but I can recommend clean'n'tidy multi litter for smells.


Not for what you want. All they do is scrape out the crap.

I liked the clay we used. Then it got hard to get and I can't stand the smell of the current one so litter cleaning has been devolved.


We have such a mechanism. It's called 'a dog.'

We use something similar, the ScoopFree, which I brought back from the US. We replaced its disposable trays with a third party plastic option from Amazon, and use it with silicone crystal litter. It rakes and stores in a compartment, and I just collect it every few days and flush it, emptying and replacing the crystals about once a month, when I rinse and spray with litter tray disinfectant.

I do recommend crystal litter in any case - it absorbs pee and it dehydrates crap, making cleaning out the tray a lot more palatable.

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