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Can I bear it?

I am arranging a lunch at the *Savoy in London for my mother's 70th.  Yes that nice 5 star hotel restaurant run by the foul mouthed Ramsay.  And we'll be dining from the a la carte menu as well.  I am a kind daughter.  So given I'm about to mortgage a kidney for this I expected clear communication from the restaurant. I emailed them my credit card details as requested which included my name and title:  Mrs Firstname Surname.  This is what I got back.

"Dear Mr Firstname,

Thank you for your email.
I am confirming that we received your credit card details.
Savoy grill has A la carte and Lunch menu options.
And complimentary  small cub cake for your mum on her 70th birthday."

I am going to be very curious about the cake.  Will it be baby bear shaped?  Made of baby bears? Shaped like a dice? Or made from a small scout type individual wearing a woggle?

And yes I'm miffed about the spelling, the incorrect gender, the use of the wrong name given I'd supplied them in the format they specified and lack of quality check on the English but that, I will deal with once we've had the meal.

*I wanted the Wolseley on Picadilly but you have to have a party of 6 or under or over 12.

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If it had said mom I would have complained instantly. The word I used was Mother.

I hope everyone has a really good time, and do tell us about the cake.

But demanding your card details by email? Can't they afford a (slightly more) secure website?

This is the second time I've seen people being asked to email credit card details today (I told my sister not to do it). It's a very strange request.

Will you have any vegetarians with you? We've found the reality of the veggie menu in the Grill to be rather variable.

Am voting for a very small cub scout jumping out of the cake, blowing his whistle and running away.

Yes, please. I would like this to be the correct answer.

Lord, how sloppy. Very poor. Credit card details by *e-mail*? I'd have refused.

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