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An up to date ops manual - not reinventing the wheel

I was flattered to be asked to head up Ops at 2015 Dysprosium.

I have experience in helping to run facilities which helped British Nationals overseas with various problems, whether inside or outside my responsibility.  I'm used to working in crisis situations.  I did Hotel Liaison in Bradford in 2013.  I will be volunteering at Satellite in Glasgow to work in Ops to get a feel for what I can expect.  What I'd like to do is have an up to date manual, if only as a security blanket.

I've been emailed a few tracts of text regarding Ops and I've had a look at vraidex.com which was written some time ago.  I'd like to produce an Ops manual for use at Dysprosium.  It will be open to others if they want to use it afterwards but it's written mainly for Dysprosium.

Does anyone have any source material they could email me/point me towards so I can start work?

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I suggest you speak to Mike Scott who wrote an Ops manual that was used for some years. Some bits are probably obsolete but some things never change.

Thanks - have emailed him.

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