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With festive thoughts of our new addition and some realistic expectations

On the first day of Christmas my ickle kitty gave to me a laddered pair of tights
On the second day of Christmas the fur baby gave to me two 'filled' slippers
On the third day of Christmas puddy tat gave to me three little vomits
On the fourth day of Christmas moggy gave to me four dead spiders
On the fifth day of Christmas thunder paws gave to me FIVE AM
On the sixth day of Christmas fuzz butt gave to me six hairy socks
On the seventh day of Christmas cattus felinus  gave to me seven  litter misses
On the eighth  day of Christmas bag of puss  gave to me eight playful scratches
On the ninth day of Christmas gerrofyabugger gave to me nine dribbled patches
On the tenth day of Christmas Madame Claws gave to me ten loud snores
On the eleventh day of Christmas catlet gave to me eleven scattered kibbles
On the twelfth day of Christmas that darned cat gave to me twelve loud meows

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Hmmm... Needs the cat fiddling with something, leaping, and the mess she made with the milk.

Feel free to redraft because as of 5th Jan, I don't think I'll have much access to my computer.

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