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Flavours that shouldn't work

A while back I made this Goat cheese, prune and pistachio cake (although I'd call it a loaf) and the general reaction was - 'not sure about that'.  And recently I made this sweet chard tart and again wasn't that sure; the crunchy vegetables, boozy raisins and feeling that you were eating a Christmas mince pie made from vegetables was just a  bit strange - but I went back for seconds.

Anyone else got any recipes/memorable meals which really shouldn't work - but did.

I recently got a good book called the Flavour Thesaurus and was intrigued by some of the combinations it comes up with.
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I bought some chocolate and orange jam in Spain last year, and I finally got round to eating some last weekend, spreading it thickly on orange and cranberry bagels. It was utterly yummy (for me, though Anne wasn't convinced). It's proper marmalade, in that it has some strips of orange peel in it, but it's very chocolatey too. A little like Nutella, I suppose.

I went to a fairly posh restaurant in Florence many years ago, and scrawled in pen at the bottom of the very conservative Tuscan menu was "Sweet and Sour wild boar". I asked for elucidation and in fractured English the waiter struggled and eventually came up with the baffling but irresistible explanation "in chocolate sauce".

It turned out to be Cinghale e dolce forte (or something like that - phone will eat post if I try to google correct name) which is wild boar in a chianti, orange and vinegar sauce with pine nuts, prunes (? some form of dried fruit anyway) and dark chocolate in it. We cook it pretty regularly now.

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