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Scruffy is the word

Further to this where I laid out my plain of attack and this reply to the recipe.

Here's what is should look like:
And here's what it did look like.  Some improvement needed.  Although it tasted ok.  Next time it gets roll out fondant icing.  And how she got her butter cream that white when we used the same ingredients - it's beyond me.

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Scruffy?!!! We were truly honoured at getting such Serious Sugary Engineering for Thanksgiving. Everyone at party said the stars and stripes cake was amazing, and looking at the remainder sitting on the sideboard at the moment, yep, still is. I'm planning to take your and MajorClanger's 'leftovers' to work on Tuesday: they all love GBBO, so I want to see their faces! :)

ps - managed to post to wrong journal: hope this one works!

I'd guess the colour is coming through from the butter, and it's quite possible the butter she's using is a white one. Or she may be using this idea: http://www.amandamacleod.co.uk/blog/white-butter-cream-recipe/

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